Gateway 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery & Windows 7 Starter

I’ve never seen them sell any food items.
Well, other than bacon salt.

I agree. Needs 1gb minimum.

sorry if this is common knowledge, but it this hackintosh-able?

I couldn’t find it on the “compatibility chart” that is freely available on the web.



I love how the writups identify people and things from a first-person point of view just by putting a “Mr.” in front of it.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Janitor?


And pistachios. Don’t forget the nuts. : )

I have essentially the same setup on an HP Mini, and it’s great. 1gig of RAM and the Atom N270 run Win7 Starter with no problems.

This is a great deal.

Bought this in the prior Woot-Off. Got the red one. Kids thought it was cute. Windows 7 basic is quite limited, but I wasn’t expecting to do much more than surf the web with a netbook. Wireless range was quite poor. Called Seneca Data, reloaded the system, and it still was bad. RMAed the system. Seneca lost track of the RMAed system. Didn’t know they had received it. Called and pointed out that UPS showed it delivered and Seneca sent a replacement that worked better, but had Windows XP, 160GB drive and 9 cell battery. Waiting for my second replacement from Seneca Data now. People there were helpful and nice. Just frustrated with the wait.

Ha! Oh yeah, and they kept trying to sell the bags of beef jerky with weird flavors.

New at Amazon $279.99 w free shipping.

…uumm… it has 1gb?

Um…it has 1gb.

This site replaces people asking about the bags of you know what with bags of crackers or boxes of cheez its or other clever words.

ummm…it has 1GB…

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A couple of questions from a knoob:

Has there been a Box of Crackers yet today?

The blog is your friend, within you will find all the goodness that is woots past.

Dennis…sign up for the newsletter on your account page. You’ll be happy.

The day before yesterday, there was a 24-hour w00t-off…the first in my memory, and it ended with c r a p, but not the baggy. Now today, they’ve started another one. W00t is making some changes and you go with the flow, or beyotch, or boycott.

As for the other w00t sites, I’ve never seen a randombagofcrap, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never do it. W00t likes to keep us guessing.

Did you guys know it was my birthday??? A woot-off, birthday-themed woots…

You guys are super sweet. You make 33 an easier number to handle.

(I was going to say “swallow”, but I knew what you pervs would have responded with.)

– Marcee


Ummm… it has 1GB.

Nice item., but you’ll really, really want to upgrade the OS from starter to a full-featured Windows 7

Is there an echo in here?