Gateway 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive and 7 Hour Battery

I want you to give you my money but I have the netbooks I can stand!

Do we need Netbook.woot?

And hopefully pre-empting all the netbook questions:

Yes, no, older games, can’t change background, program to do such, yes, yes, long battery life, no, I prefer my big laptop, no, yes, good for school.

That is all.

Wow! 7 hours? I had no idea these things had such good battery life! I am tempted.


A pretty standard, yet solid, netbook. However, this has a larger hard drive and a larger battery (six cells as opposed to the standard three) than most other netbooks. Other than that, this is just like any other netbook you’ll find.

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6 cell battery – but only the old N270 Atom. I’d recommend going with a newer machine with at least an N450 – more efficient, longer runtime with a same-sized battery.

What is meant by Windows 7 Starter? Is this a lesser version of the OS?

I think you missed the other 20.

Seen a few forums where people are putting 4GB of ram in them with a single memory module. Might be worth it with 4GB of ram.

Me thinks we are all burnt out on dem dar fancy netbooks.

I’ve got one, and the 7-hour battery is no joke. I use it in class and people always ask me if I like it… couldn’t live without it!

These things are great for carrying with you during the day. Use mine all the time at my cofee shop! + These have the 6 cells, good deal IMO.

Does anyone know if the RAM is upgradeable here? Not sure how W7 Starter runs with 1GB, but W7 runs abysmally with only 1GB. So added RAM would be nice, if possible.

Yep. No Windows Media Center and you can’t change the background. Windows had to cut down 7 to make it “netbookable”.

Information on WINDOWS 7 STARTER, which is included.
Summary: Other than limiting your ability to change the wallpaper, removing the Windows Media Center (NOT Player), lack of the fancy see-through effect (Aero), and being unable to power more than one monitor at a time, Windows 7 Starter is not limiting for the vast majority of home users, especially home users on a netbook.
The things you read about Starter, like it only running 3 programs, are NOT true.


From Wikipedia

The cost to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium is $79 dollars. It is built into the OS to upgrade - you don’t need to reinstall Windows. It’s called “Windows Anytime Upgrade

Does anyone know the resolution of the webcam? How well will these work for Skype video?

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Yes, it is. That’s the only disappointment I can think of, though. Personally, I’d live with it or put linux on it, but this thing is powerful enough to run 7 Home Premium on it if you want.

Here’s why people don’t like 7 Starter:

It only has one slot, but you can put up to a 4GB DIMM in there if you want.