Gateway 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive and 7 Hour Battery

To preempt the Linux questions: yes, you can. Just be aware that most versions of Linux don’t include drivers that work with most netbook wi-fi cards. So be sure to have a cabled internet connection handy or a flash drive to transfer some files from a working computer if you want to use Linux on here.

That is an EARLY build of Windows 7 Starter. Is does not reflect the final product. You can run more than 3 programs.

I don’t know the exact res, but I can say for sure that it’ll be 1.3 MP or less. For Skype, webcams like that tend to be low-quality (obviously) and have a fairly low FPS, but if you’re okay with that, then this is great for Skype. Most people’s internet connections have slow enough upload speeds that better webcams get downconverted and look like what this cranks out, anyway.

Windows 7 Starter is a version fo Windows 7 intended for single-core netbook-class computers. Its primarily limitation is that only three applications may be running at once, and numerous minor features are disabled. The intent is to prevent someone who is running a limited-power PC from trying to do so much at once that everything comes to a grinding halt… and then blaming Microsoft.

Rightly or wrongly, people WILL blame Microsoft instead of their hardware or their computing habits.

Now, whether that “intent” is good or bad, or whether Microsoft is somewhat to blame by being bloated compared to other operating systems found on netbooks, is a separate debate. There’s truth to be found on all sides.

If you really want to, you can upgrade to a “regular” version of Windows such as “Home Premium” (with the attendant cost of the operating system… after all, Wooters DO pay for their software, right?). If you do so, the performance and battery life are in your hands. Your gun, your bullet, your foot! :slight_smile: You can also install any of a dozen netbook-focused flavors of Linux, etc., in which case you’re on your own. You’d likely get better battery life, but the technical buy-in is higher, and the selection of software more limited.

(for what it’s worth, I ran Windows XP Pro on the first-ever netbook, the Asus EEE-PC-701, and it ran fine… but I also didn’t open up a dozen applications at once.)

Will this take an XP install? Are there XP versions of all the needed drivers available?

One thing to consider with Starter is that there’s no recovery tools – just a tool that automatically attempts to fix startup troubles. If that fails, you’re SOL. There’s no recovery disc for Starter. It’s ridiculous.

refried… noooo, not for a netbook. Not when a new one from a better brand is just a few bucks more.

This was never true. Microsoft ditched that limitation before ever launching Windows 7.

was about to say same thing.

Apparently the Gateway LT2005u is Hackintosh-able except for ethernet, some graphics, and sleep. oh and audio, video, and car reader are iffy.

So maybe that this is a ?newer? model these things will work better? maybe?

I got this back when it was a sellout.woot and has been very happy with it. Here’s the info from when I got it.

The few limitations the OS has doesn’t bother me, and there’s a workaround for the desktop image bit. I do plan to upgrade the ram and OS eventually, but for now it does all I want just fine.

Do these things play hulu and flash well?

ubuntu 10.04 distro works like a dream on these lil netbooks

$289 new at tiger direct. have folks have good luck with these as refurbs?

Thinking about this for my kid, who mainly uses a computer for World of Warcraft. Anybody play on one of these? Good ‘frame rate’, or whatever he calls it? Is this just a dumb question?

Thats because there is only one slot and 3gb sticks aren’t available. The system will only recognize 3 out of the 4gb, as it is the max for any 32 bit system.

I’d stick with with the relatively inexpensive upgrade to a 2gb stick. The cost of a 4gb stick greatly outweighs the advantages of the additional 1gb of ram.

This is a horrible deal. If it is anything like my gateway, then the hard-drive will die in 2 months then the battery right after you fix it. These computers are known to fail all the time. The price is right but the quality is not. Gateway also has horrible customer service and never fulfill their warranty. WAIT FOR THE NEXT NETBOOK TO BE POSTED!

Wow… this is directly quoted from my comment on a previously wooted windows 7 starter machine.

Thanks for pretending like it was your own. :wink:

Edit: going back to read it, you actually copied my whole quote word for word including the wiki i posted. Thats funny considering you have so many quality posts. Are any of them yours? Lol

I’m flattered, really.

Other than your own personal experience, which has not been the experience of most Ive read from previous woots, do you have any proof to your claim that they are known to fail ALL the time?

I would be interested in seeing that. Thanks

I purchased this previously.
I highly recommend it.

The 7 hour battery thing is actually legit.
I have taken notes all day through an 8 hour conference and had it last the entire time.

The performance on windows 7 starter is acceptable for office and web browsing. It can handle hulu, netflix, and youtube just fine.