Gateway 10.1" Netbook with 6 Cell Battery

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Gateway 10.1" Netbook with 6 Cell Battery
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Gateway LT2108U 10.1" Netbook N450 1.66Ghz, 1GB, 160GB, Webcam, 6C batt, W7S

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Killer! w/breakfast

mmm… that looks good right about now… the breakfast that is not the netbook…

Oh goody! I mised out on the last NINE netbooks.

Good idea to run ubuntu on these? i hear ubuntu is a battery killer…

Oh dear. I hope that isn’t true. Was hoping to get a netbook and run kubuntu on it, or configure a dual boot…

whats a gateway?

oh come on… it was only 7. Don’t be so dramatic!!!

Besides, I now have a netbook in every room of the apartment. going to do some REAL cloud computing now!!!

Yeah, it made me more hungry than anything else. :slight_smile:

about 20 lbs

a word usually used in reference to drugs…

I proudly wear ‘British Knights’.

Well i’m crashing pretty hard.
Got a midterm in the morning.

Goodnight Woot!

LOL, there are only like 12 of these… but they aren’t moving at all. Guess everyone got their fill earlier…

8 more… Hmm, wait one more item, or go to bed…

I’m running ubuntu on mine with great battery life.

i doubt ANYTHING is more of a battery killer than Vista

Hopefully no B a g o f C r a p before I wake up.
Good night.