Gateway 10.1" Netbook with 6 Cell Battery

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damn. Another one?

thats hot

Um repeat?

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Edit: Finally! I beat the legend!

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What am I seeing on your monitors

that drink glass is photoshopped.

It appears that this was refurbished because it was damaged at a crazy party. Not to mention, they left one of the pictures from the party as the screensaver!

WARNING!!! Gateway 10.1" Netbook with 6 Cell Battery may cause drinking games along with excessive debauchery by fairly attractive co-eds.

OMG!!! Those poor people who purchased that shitty eMachines netbook… if only they held out for a little longer.

Looks that way to me…

I bought one similar to this last month for my daughter and she really likes it so far. Not gonna tell her the red one is available now…

Netbooks make good every-day use computers (browsing, word processing, etc). Ubuntu Netbook Edition works well with this type of computer.

Hmm. In that case I must have gotten a defective one last month…