Gateway 11.6” Netbook with 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive and 6 Cell Battery

Article with this product in it, its a little old now.

Review here

Decent deal

Good HDD Space, enough RAM for surfing and stuff

Sweet deal.

If only it were a tablet…

Ok. The tweets are out of control.

On sale here for more (289.95).

30 min wait begin

How many hours (minutes?) ago did the woot-off start?

Buyer beware - Woot’s description is wrong; the warranty is NOT actually from Gateway. It’s from the refurbisher, Seneca Data Distributors, instead.

Overclocking to 1.4GHz with SetFSB and RMClock can help make video stream smoothly. EEE Rotate works nicely when reading electronic books.

is it mac compatible???


and so it begins… 2 days of no sleep :slight_smile:

Thank God you stayed up!

you (or i) could EASILY pawn this off on an unsuspecting person for double the price. EASY!!!

11 minutes ago essay!

I’m in the market for a netbook, but this one is overkill for what I need. Come on, something cheaper!!

Started at 12:00 Central Time, which is about 12 minutes ago.

Sry I don’t Trsut Refurbished Computers Too Many Stories…Horror Stories

how fast are these woot off going at? every 5 mins?

I thought so. I tend to check at 1:00am my time. I did not expect a woot-off to begin…now I’m staying up late…

Wow, Gateway is still in business?