Gateway 11.6” Netbook with 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive and 6 Cell Battery

Is it worth it? Still Looking for a good Netbook

not worth it, get an acer aspire one

I’ll buy a netbook from Woot when they fix their site to display correctly on a netbook screen.

good deal…don’t pass up if you want one…mine works great

vista? blurgh… I am looking for a netbook though. has an almost identical version of this and it costs $350.

The only major difference being the CompUSA has an intel single core and woot’s has an AMD single core. The AMD is only clocked 200mhz slower.

Seems to be a good deal.

i spy one on cowboom, but it’s “used” for $247

I may wait. woot-offs lately have been jam packed with netbooks.

Oh, surfing the web (on screen). I get it…

I second this, Aspire Ones are great devices.

I agree. I have two Acer Aspire netbooks, including one refurb from woot.

howdy, folks…

Meta fail

I bet this weak thing would kick an ‘Ipad’s’ butt for half the price.

I’d like a netbook too but this one doesn’t seem like the great deal I’d expect from a Woot-off. Plus it’s not a Roomba.

Read the description, but want to make sure I’m not missing anything, does this have a cd burner?

Have both…Love the Gate!..Acer “eh” okay.

This is a great deal. I paid like twice this for one of these. I love it, it’s fricking awesome.