Gateway 11.6" Netbook

Multi-gesture touchpad.

So it doesn’t just recognize the middle finger. :slight_smile:

aaaahh lunch time…what a dud

I’m ready to kill for one of those Doughnut Sandwiches being advertised…

Hmmm… Netbook or iDud.

I choose neither.

This is an iPad killer - buy one quick…

Bought one of these for my daughter for college & it was brand new…loaded win 7 pro & she loves it.

how come updates faster than woot???

So this is how they get a three-day woot… If it doesn’t sell in an hour, pull it and put it on again a day later?

Very interesting business plan, woot

I missed another Roomba??? :frowning:

Anyone know what RAM this tops out at?


surely that was a full on Jobs jab.

sweet!! I’ll go shit again and keep wootalyzer on!

Right, twice as useful at half the price, must not be Apple.


sounds like a recipe for failure

So if you use curse words, it changes it to scaffolding? Is it the same for when you see boggy old creature?

Looks like a nice netbook! But I just bought one 3 days ago woot, sorry…

woah, where??

Hope there’s more than 1 of these so I can go to lunch…

why no windows 7?
and bring back the roomba!