Gateway 11.6” Netbook

So the Acer over on regular woot is a bit cheaper and comes w/ and accessories kit. What makes this one a better buy to justify the higher price and zero accessories?

One 4-star review at Amazon. Note that the review calls this a “subnotebook.” It’s big for a netbook.

good god that was the best story ending in a non-sequiter that I have ever read on sellout.woot

-Athlon 64 CPU which is FAR better than an Atom.
-Windows Vista which is upgradable for free to Win 7
-2 GB memory vs 1 GB
-Better graphics card

One thing you have to watch out for though is since the CPU is more powerful and the screen is bigger, the battery life takes a hit. Woot Info Post got me bacon salt

Gateway 11.6” Netbook [Refurbished] - $279.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gateway LT3103 11.6" Netbook 1.2GHz, 2GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, Vista Home Basic, 6 Cell Battery

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This one has a 6 cell battery for more than 2 hrs of play time, and the larger screen (is that a plus?)

My newsroom got one of these to complement the old, heavy laptops available for reporters to take out on assignment. We LOVE this thing. It’s barely perceptible to carry, the keyboard is just the right size, and it’s fast (albeit ours is running XP). My only gripes are that it can be hard to view some applications (like GoToMyPC) on its tiny screen, and it’s hard to open the lid - there’s nowhere really to grab or a release switch, so I’m always worried I’m going to damage the screen.

Useful comparison of this Gateway LT3103 vs Acer Aspire One 751h at CrunchGear. Much more detailed specs on Gateway as well.

i have seen multiple of these purchased by students where i work (in ITS for a university) and the motherboards on these are horible and at least 50 percent of them are sent back to be replaced

This is the part I don’t like of the 1 review.
2) The battery. Again, there’s multiple points on this one… First of all, it’s six cell, but weak. Battery life is approx over two hours unplugged on the Balanced power plan. The Power Saver plan is useless; your machine will be too crippled to even run Word. High Performance, you get about 90 minutes before the machine blacks out. For a netbook, this is unacceptable: most Atoms get about 4-5 hours at LEAST. Furthermore, good luck finding the battery. No one sells a spare one, I’ve tried. Gateway keeps escalating my inquiry into purchasing one, and not calling me back

If I can’t get a battery, do I throw this one away?
I never have liked Gateways customer service.
I bought 1 new gateway laptop 6 or 7 years ago. And once you got it out of the Gateway store, they didn’t care anymore.

To my knowledge, this laptop does not qualify for the Upgrade to win 7, both because it is windows vista basic AND because the fullfillment period for the upgrade option required the laptop to be purchased before february 1st.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

The rest of that information is sound advice.

Well, I can’t speak for Windows, but with Linux (Xubuntu 9.10 with a few additional tweaks to be precise) I get well over 3 hours with the screen brightness set to second lowest or so. IMHO, the screen is still plenty bright at that level though.

For me I would rather have this just for the better processor and bigger screen. Like others have said you would no doubt take a hit on the battery life though. 768 vertical resolution is useable, the 600 vertical resolution of the netbook is really annoying.

Oh and the accessory pack? That is a non-issue with me since I highly doubt I would ever take them out of the carrying case, if I even bothered to carry them with me.

I’d probably buy one of these but since it has Windows Vista and there’s no free upgrade to Windows 7, forget it!

I got one of these last woot off and am using it right now and loving it. Some say the battery is weak but mine has been lasting about 6 hours and that is without messing with the settings. The screen is beautiful and the keyboard is perfectly sized imo. Only two things i would change 1) dump vista for ether xp or 7. it is usable with vista but better with ether of the others. 2) the single piece button below the touchpad that rocks back and forth for left/right click is a stupid design.

Yeah, I looked at the Gateway site, where I can’t find this model, on this page or any other.

That doesn’t answer my question. If batteries are unavailable, is this a throwaway laptop when the battery finally dies?

The Acers are pretty similar to this one–not that there is generally a huge difference in netbooks–but most of the specs on this Gateway are a notch higher across the board.

In particular, this one supports 1366x768 resolution vs the Acers’ 1024x600. It is nitpicking to be sure, but a lot of people in the netbook market look for the the higher resolution; although netbooks are small for portability, being able to fit more on the screen is necessary for many webpages and apps.

If the computer itself is the only concern, I see justification in the higher tag on this machine. Although I would still have liked Win7 to seal the deal on this. Well, back to lurking in the netbook market shadows.