Gateway All-in-One PC with 23" Touchscreen and Blu-Ray

Will this work with my Colecovision that I bought back in 1982?

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Gateway Bananas and Blu-Ray for an entertaining Christmas. :slight_smile:

Link to Amazon product page for “Gateway ZX6900-01E All-in-One Refurb Desktop PC”

Comparison summary of multiple reviews: Gateway One ZX6900-01e Reviews | ZDNet

I want to be first purchase on this so badly!!! need to research faster!

I eat a lot of fried chicken, so I don’t think the whole touch-screen thing is going to work for me…

What do you have against this woman? You should not be gossiping about the wonderful Mrs. Claus!

don’t put your $ (or eggs) all-in-one basket.

Good price for a good computer… If I hadnt bought a laptop on here a few months back this is what I’d be getting.

Ugh. A Gateway. Too bad it isn’t an HP.

It’s almost Christmas Nightghost. Don’t you ever take a break from informing us about amazon links and product reviews? 'cause right now you’re far more reliable than the postal service.

will this arrive by christmas?


Passmark CPU Benchmark = 2705

I’d never buy an HP. Their consumer line is terrible. Gateway (owned by Acer) is better than HP’s consumer line.

I know it’s a refurb, but does it need to look beat up in all of the photos? Even the box?

use your nose

That, sir, is high-quality geek humor.