Gateway Core Duo Widescreen Notebook

LOVE the timex social club reference…sings look at all these rumors, keep frontin everyday…just need some time…some time to get away.

I got that on vinyl…doubles :slight_smile:

Bed time.

Horrible, total vacuum fest


the end of what? woot off has been over


Gateway and Vista… now there’s a winning combination.

Price is nothing special.

what a sad way to follow the woot-off

They had the kites up and you’re surprised??? L O L Those and wizard balls are always last woot off items.

Nice notebook but too pricey for this penny pincher.

Goodnite wooters

I have this exact same computer. i’ve had no problems at all. and I paid more for mine than the price they’re offering

Don’t need a 'puter, just an F5 key afer a woot off.

Gateway? YUCK!

These require special drivers to even load Windows, and Ubuntu sucks on them too. Heck, they don’t even work on a Mac! Blah.

G’night Noob… we still luv you

This is a really good contribution post from a noob… good job

Will VISTA run with 1 gig of Ram?



Don’t run too many programs.

If Dave and Jason went skinny-dipping in Andrew’s pool, I hope they made sure they used Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive Condoms

Here I am… my first woot out!!!