Gateway Farm Maple Syrup and Candies

Gateway Farm Maple Syrup and Candies

Nice story about this farm in the Boston globe. Hard working family, in for one!


Bought this syrup the last time it was offered; delicious and the family is a
delight to deal with.

2 Questions: 1) I remember maple syrup coming in 3 ambers; dark, medium and light. Which is being offered? 2) Does the maple candy total 4 oz, or is it 2 x 4 oz, for a total of 8 oz?

This maple syrup has great reviews but it appears you are buying it from Wine Country Connect not Gateway Farm. In fact if you go to the Gateway Farm site you will find they sell the same 1/2 gallon for $28.50. A lot less that what Wine Country Connect is claiming to be the ‘list price’. You can also buy a gallon for $48.00. If you buy the gallon they ship you two 1/2 gallon containers.

To be fair the candies would add $7.00 to the price and you pay for shipping unless you spend at least $50.00.

I personally would rather buy direct from Gateway Farm.

From what I have been able to find out the maple syrup is amber and the candies are two four ounce packs.

They changed that a few years back. This shows the mapping between the old school grades and what they call them now.

This deal looks to be for what used to be called Grade A Medium or Dark Amber.

WCC works directly with their vendors. Did you include shipping? Gourmet sales include shipping in the price.

As I mentioned I did not include shipping. I just checked and it would have been a flat rate of $8.00. That would make the price here better unless you wanted to buy more than one. The price for 2 would be $65.98 from WCC and $55.00 Gateway Farm. If you bought the gallon (it comes as two 1/2 gallons the cost would be $48.00 if you add the candy it would be $7.00 more. There would be no charge for shipping since the order is $50.00 or more.

Another thing someone might want to consider. According to Gourmet Woot: ‘Estimated delivery Mar 08 - Mar 14’. According to Gateway Farm I should have my order in a week or less.