Gateway Intel Atom 1.6Ghz 10.1” Netbook

Another notebook? Seriously? /cry

Awww, now I kinda miss the luggage.

well at least its not another tommy bahama bag…

:’( goodnight world.

Nope it’s just like the tenth laptop.


at least they have a kinda funny reference in the description.

1800 kids spied on by their schools by webcam.

24/25… Come on, people that don’t already have 5 notebooks!!

ugh there are 25 of these. :o

LOL! Funny. Kids.woot, go bullyproof your child now!

Can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Goodnight Wooters!

kids.woot moving faster than this one. 23/25.

22 left. Keep buying!

Somewhere out there, there is a person in need of one of these. They will show up… now?

The description of this item reminds me of a dream I’d like to have tonight.

Well, if someone would like to buy one for me and send it, I would be eternally grateful.

Some of us don’t have the money to own ‘5’, let alone 2. We are in a recession, remember?

But I do my part…if only there was a BOC…


15 left. gogogogo

lol, mine and my wife’s jobs require us to own them. Else we’d probably only have two, one each.

11 left.