Gateway Media Center PC with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor

90/100 on Alatest is nice.,28/

3.9 stars on Buzzillions is quite solid as well.

The manufacturer’s website.

Is it EnergyStar approved?

How’s the video card for gaming?

from looking at the specs not a bad machine.

too bad it doesnt qualify for the Windows 7 update. (because of the referb) still worth buying and putting windows 7 on it when it pops though.

For $70 more, you can buy it new at Buydig with 30 day return policy and full manufacturer’s warranty:

Is labelflash something like lightscribe?

Great if you’re only going to play solitaire.

I’ve owned this computer for several months now without problems. - Scary though that there are enough refurbs of it to sell on woot!
It’s fast - don’t even notice everyone’s complaints against Vista’s slow speeds.

I bought this same computer from Best Buy. It has a known problem of overheating and turning the computer off. Best Buy had so many returns on these computers that 2 months later they gave me a full refund because of this. Just a heads up.

System reviews and info from Intel’s website:

Its a stock machine, for gaming i would recamend using an after market card…

unless your a hard core solitare champ.

Any idea what the power draw is on this when running headless at 25% CPU? Would this make an energy efficient 24/7/365 server?

What? No matching monitor on sellout?

Pretty much the same thing. Needs the Labelflash discs to work.

with this exact setup, had to play crysis on medium (out of easy, medium, high, very high) to have smooth gameplay

Here is a good article about video cards from Cnet for those wondering about them.

Video Cards

This unit has a problem with overheating. If one installs a fan in the back of the unit problem solved. I am a computer technician and have worked on tons of this model.

I bought one of the similar refurbs from woot last month and most of us got a free Windows 7 upgrade though here:

Just hope ur refurb tech was good at QC and bad at following orders…