Gateway ML6230 Laptop Computer

Vista ? Really ? Considering at this price, But will change OS.

If you buy 3, you are 1337! Subliminal messaging anyone?

I guess this notebook is only for the elite, I’m not good enough to buy it :frowning:

Sweet haha lol jk

not worth it ++ gateway has been horrible to me

Vista can hardly run on 512mb

Funny price woot. Worth me staying up though? not so sure… Who wants to bet the actual price they were going to put up was around 299.99?

but it was good for a chuckle. night night

512mb + Vista = FAIL

Will this even run vista at an acceptable speed?

Wow, nice Tommy reference. Kudos.

not only that try to run a large application.

Like the price Woot. Keep up the awesome…references. Do not need nor want the laptop; have a MacBook. =D

It seems odd that they’re running a 15 inch screen at 1280x800 and not 1440x900. Hrmph.

lol its eleet = 31337

Not that good of a price for a single core celeron when Dell has new ones on sale alot of the time for a dual core for $399 and with a longer warranty.

That’s a big fat NO.

True… but this is a good deal… if you want to start your first linux box… that’ll run well. Most of teh hardware i see here… is completely supported if not all of it… So enjoy linux users…

Celeron? Yuck.

up the ram for about 50 bucks and you have a decent laptop

Oh man, this computer is pretty elite… pun

Not a good computer. Spending $300+ without Multi-Core technology is a waste unless you’re looking for a cheap backup.