Gateway Quad Core 1.8 GHz Desktop

And the Woot off is back!!!

And the Woot off is back!!!

no i wants sleep


Another woot-off?

Woot off, woot on, woot off, woot on…make up your minds, people!

so that computer yesterday was just a REALLY LONG wootoff killer?

well so much for sleep time for another woot off lol

A sleepless night before the weekend…

I’d be surprised it’s a wootoff… except they always happen when I have too much crap to do


woot is messing with my sleep pattern

hopefully this woot off is better than the last!!!

Great all i need. Another 24 hours with no sleep…

Hmm, the parents need a new comp
I’m super tempted… it’s good for the price!

How curious. A Thursday night Wootoff? After a Tuesday night Wootoff? Is it Groundhog Day?

I thought my eyes were deceiving me… Woot Off continues!

woot you sneaky sneaky…where is my camelbak i want one

No software???