Gateway Quad Core 1.8 GHz Desktop

I bought this awhile ago on woot before. Put in a graphics card nvidia 9600GSO for like 60 dollars. Made it a great gamming pc for onley 300 bucks! havn’t had a problem with it at all too.

I was just about to go to sleep…

and then I saw another woot-off.


Nah, every wootoff is the “worst one yet.”

i wish i fell asleep before i saw the woot off! noooo! im so tired

Just when I thought I was out - they keep pulling me back in again!

nice psych-out woot

should have waited for the april fools

I thought the last one was a bit anti-climatic… and ended

Ahh! I knew The Woot God’s were messing with us! Shortest Woot-off ever…Hah

Focus, Daniel-san!

Score! Not happy about Vista vs Win7, but where else are you going to get a quad core PC with 4GB and 640GB hard drive for $250. Yeah baby! Say goodbye to my old Dell dinosaur! :slight_smile: Only 7 available, and I got one. mwahahaha

i believe there were 8 available…the total woots were 7, and 17% bought 2…sure i figure 17% of 8 to be 1.36…but oh well…close enough…