Gateway Quad-Core Compact Desktop

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No picture of the back? I would like to see all the connection and how they are laid out…

Tiny power supply (220W) which means you would have problems adding even a mid-level graphics card into it.

Slower RPM Hard Drive…

Looks like a decent desktop for somebody not wanting to do any 3D gaming though.

It doesn’t appear like we shot any pics of the ports/connections on the back of the PC.

I’ll ping the staff to let them know to incorporate these kinds of shots in the future.

You can’t add a graphics card at all, as there are no PCIe slots (nor empty space) if the pictures on Newegg are anything to go by.

Good catch. I didn’t bother tracking down pictures. Looks like most upgrades would be out.

This model doesn’t offer card expandability. If you want to add a better graphics card for example you definitely need a chewing gum and a paper clip.
Good luck Mac Guyver!

Looks like there’s a single one available at the very top of the case.

I wish you people would read the specs:

Expansion Slots & Bays:

(1) PCI Express x1 slots (occupied)
(1) PCI Express x16 slot (available)
(1) 5.25" Drive Bay (occupied)
(1) 3.5" Drive Bay (occupied)

As far as which cards will fit, the case is pretty compact, but the slot is there.

The HTPC I built this past December with an A4-3400 processor, 4GB RAM, 2TB HDD, blue ray/combo drive, 64-bit Win7 Home Premium, case, & mobo cost me $500 and a few hours of assembly, OS installation, & troubleshooting. If I needed another HTPC today I’d go with this Gateway over building another one.

Woot has better deals with HP brand towers habitually.

Unless you “like” the Gateway name…this is a rare occasion where I just don’t think it is a good deal.

I don’t have a preference for the brand name, but this is the first one I’ve seen offered that had an HDMI out - I want to hook this up to my TV. My lap top currently sits there, which makes it not all that usable as a mobile computing device. Have you noticed any other of the refurbs (this is not) that had HDMI out? I haven’t.

Gateway is not the same as the Gateway of old and its products have gotten good reviews in recent times. However a close look at pictures of another very similar product at Newegg showed Acer on the motherboard. Also not exactly known for high quality. Regardless all OEMs cut corners and have razor thin margins

I have an Acer Branded PC very similar to this. I use it with the 40" TV in the Bedroom to Stream Movies off my Server, Netflix, Hulu etc.

YES, you can put a Graphics card in it. The wireless card is taking up the x1 Slot. The x16 Slot is available. The Graphics Card needs to be Low Profile, but can be full length.

7200 RPM drive is considered slow? What do you want? A 10K Raptor? You can always dump an SSD in for speed.

Acer has been producing PC’s since the early 1980’s, why do you consider them “not exactly high quality?” My 1st Acer was an 80286 running Windows 3.11. I have no problem with their quality.

Wooters tend to be whiners when it comes to PCs. Anything less than top-of-the-line specifications and they cry out “GARBAGE!”. Even at a $350 price point.

If this had an Intel quad core, I would definitely consider buying one, but it doesn’t, so…

The AMD APU in this model isn’t the newest type, based on AMD’s newest architecture. The processing ability is going to be similar to an Athlon X2 (since it is derived from that) but it does actually provide four real processor cores as opposed to the new model of four “cores” that share a lot of resources between them. I think that refurbishers like to use these things to dispose of surplus memory, hence the lopsided memory configuration. 6GB with only two slots occupied means a 4GB and a 2GB stick, which keeps the system from taking advantage of the dual-channel memory controller. For normal use it probably won’t make too much of a difference, but keep that in mind when you go to upgrade.

I bought the Windows 7 version of this computer last yr from Best Buy. Best computer I’ve ever had! I play flash games on it fine and I love that it actually sits on my desktop for easy access. Mine has 9 Usb ports, four in front w built in camera card readers of all sizes in the front as well (great for a photographer like myself). Love it!