Gator Lift Metal Gripper Panel Carrier

Gator Lift Metal Gripper Panel Carrier

I have two at home and the boss got two for work. Grips 16 gauge aluminum as easily as 1"plywood . I’ve even used it to drag giant sheets of plastic trailer flooring into place. Let’s you do a real one handed carry. The handle/arm placement looks awkward but when actually in use is no problem. As the arm just sits in the back of your hand. You’ll notice similar devices with an arm at either end of the handle constantly get reviews complaining they bent. Not happening with this one.


Maybe if sheet was 3foot or less , picking up a 4 foot sheet would suck ,sheet needs to be picked up on bottom edge or on the end of panel 2-3 from bottom .
Don’t waste your money …

I have one and it works great. As someone too stupid to ask for help, it really saves me a lot of aggravation.

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Maybe if the 3 foot sheet is over 200 lbs you’d have problems but I’ve carried sheets much bigger than 3 feet with not problems. I’ve actually carried two sheets with no issues and both were well over 3 feet.

Just wondering… why don’t these come in a 2 pack? Seems like having just one would be somewhat pointless. Either way I’m in the midst of some home renovations and used them before and they’re very convenient! In for two :+1::facepunch:

The Gator Grip is designed to allow a single person to be able to carry large, bulky sheet material (like plywood) by themselves, so you only need one of them.


Got mine today. Peeled off the protective film and the two parts immediately fused together. Took some prying with a screwdriver to get them back apart.

Tried it out on a sheet of plywood, worked great. Comfortable holding like the picture above. Using it once also dirtied up the pads enough that they don’t stick to each other anymore. So I recommend using it once after removing the film before putting away.

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Ummm you cray cray maybe? I literally use one of these for carrying full 4 by 8 panel have done as thick as an inch with no problem. And at my new job I use it for carrying 5’ by 12’ foot alluminum flooring panels with no problem. You are being an ignorant hater. This tool is literally one of my favorite things because I can carry sheets and panels that used to take two or three people to carry all by my self.