Gator Lift Metal Gripper Panel Carrier

Gator Lift Metal Gripper Panel Carrier

You can use this for very rigid materials - plywood, panelling - but don’t use for drywall as it will just break the drywall.

They misspelled “particle board” in their video advertisement. Should I trust them?

If this were in a woot off I’d hope it would be followed by brick tongs and a firewood carrier

I bought a similar one on Amazon ( FivePears Panel and Plywood Carrier,Metal Gripper For board,Drywall carrying tool). Worked great for carrying sheetrock and plywood.

Every time this comes up I comment. I purchased this a couple years ago from woot. It is a GREAT tool for hauling drywall and plywood. If you are doing work alone, this will save your back. I have hauled hundreds of sheets of drywall and the only ones I ever broke was when I swung around not realizing something was around me. Never broke a 3/8 either when doing ceiling. Well worth it if you got a reno coming up.