Gatorwire Large Screen Cleaner Packs

Apart from being a gel (which shouldn’t matter unless you hose your screens down), does this product offer any benefits over the water/vinegar solution I’ve been using for over a decade?

SURE, you will be secure in the knowledge you are among around a hundred other suckers, including ME who fell for it.

ALSO, hopefully it will not stink like vinegar, and at the very least you will not have to mix the smelly vinegar solution. This one is already mixed!

The water and vinegar solution works perfectly fine and will not damage the fragile LCD screen. These gels always leave streaks and for some reason, eventually, the rag will get kind of oily which, no matter how many times you wash it, never gets clean. Don’t waste your money, buy a gallon of white vinegar for like $2 and mix it 50/50 with distilled water, another $2 for a gallon. Put into a spray bottle, spray a microfiber cloth, and clean screen. :slight_smile: