Gauthier Select Vineyards Riesling (6)



Gauthier Select Vineyards 2011 Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands 6-Pack
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2011 Gauthier Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands, Hillside Vineyard
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I have NOT tried this wine but have had quite a few offerings from Gauthier. They are all very solid, very well made wines. Not much help probably, but fwiw.


How is this? Anyone had it?


Check out the comments on the previous offer, some good notes in there.


Damn, no Idaho on the list, I’m out of luck…


I liked it… A nice, zesty SLH Riesling.


Not to worry! Go to their website or email them at and tell them you want to buy their wines but you can’t get them delivered to Idaho. I did this the last time they were offered because they don’t deliver to Louisiana. Turns out that the issue (at least for us) is that they have a contract with a distributor in this state and can’t compete with that business. We had a lively and pleasant email exchange, and a couple of phone calls, and POOF! The distributor placed exactly what we wanted in a store withing a couple of miles of my house so I could try them out. Unfortunately, the day I picked them up was the very day I came down with a double ear infection and laryngitis so I still haven’t sampled the goods, but I now have some extremely pleasant contacts with a local wine distributor, and have found long lost “cousins” in Sonoma!


first time I’ve ever seen Colorado black-balled. Dang. I was going to try it.


Off subject: Please put the Copa Del Rey back up. I missed it in the middle of the night and need 2 cases. PLEEZZZZZEE! Love ya Woot!!


“Planted in the early 1970s by Robert Mondavi, the Hillside Vineyard slopes gently toward the Salinas Valley”

Does this mean that the wine is produced from 40 year old vines? At what age is it considered an “old vine” wine? 50+?


My girlfriend who knows this stuff says that “old vine” is an inconsistently used marketing term that usually means a vine that was brought over from Europe and planted here, it does not indicate how long it has been growing in one spot here.


I’ve never seen it before either. Usually I never even check the list.


Interesting, this is one definition of old vines I’ve never heard, particularly that it is a vine brought over from Europe and planted here, despite the age of the vine. Can you explain further?

…and btw, not disagreeing that there is not some marketing involved…


Hey, while we’ve got the wish list open, how about another look at the Vino Noceto? And Woot, you realize the Tasi Cab (which I’ve never seen here) is an auto-buy for me. Hint hint … :slight_smile:


Been waiting 2 days for the Tasi, got to take care of the Wifie