Gazzi Estate 2004 Syrah



I remember that Peter Wellington had his hand in on the 2007 and 2008 PN from Gazzi in a woot offering from last year(?). Did he also play a role in the concoction of this juice?


Gazzi Estate 2004 Syrah
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 5 Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma 2004 Syrah
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The Pinot was quite a steal. I am wondering the same thing…


I think you mean Scott Harvey


It was Scott Harvey, not Peter Wellington. I am unsure as to whether this was from Scott as well going all the way back to 2004 though


It’s Scott Harvey, not Peter, who made the wine for Gazzi. And since I love his 2009 Amador White Label Syrah, I’m interested in the comparison to this one. I was hoping for the Pinot Noir not mixed with Syrah, but this has me curious.

Once I finish my drive I will check back and hope the answers are here and push me over the edge.


Actually, it was Scott Harvey.


Someone please give me a reason to spend my plastic on this.


Hmm. Reading previous Gazzi woots, in 2011 SH had his hands in the wine for about 7 years. That may put this in his window of winemaking…


Hopefully the reason will be “Scott Harvey”.


Fact Sheet from the 2005 vintage:

The grapes used in the production of this delightful award wining wine were
grown at Gazzi Estate Vineyards on the sunny slopes overlooking San
Francisco Bay. This site is situated at the intersection of State Highway 37
and 121. This is where these grapes seem to thrive with ocean breezes
combined with calcareous gravely soils to nurture the creation of this full
bodied Syrah wine. The grapes were fermented to dryness and then aged
another year in French oak barrels prior to bottling.
– Scott Harvey Winemaker
Paired well with barbeque, lamb and steak.
Blend: 100% Sonoma Coast Syrah, Gazzi Estate Vineyard
Alcohol: 13.8%
Suggested retail price $24.00
The 2005 Gazzi Sonoma Cote D’or Syrah won a Gold Medal at the San
Francisco International Wine Competition and also a Gold Medal at the
Sacramento State Fair Wine Competition.




2004 sounds like it may be before SH’s time at Gazzi. The first Gazzi/SH I remember seeing here is the '06 PN.

I’ll research and report back. Autobuy for me if this is Scott’s handiwork.


Could someone also explain notes on a typical syrah? I primarily buy PN, Cab, and red blends. Anything specific that is usual? Thanks!


Interesting that SH stated they stopped Syrahs in 2008. One has to wonder why…


scott! it was scott! was he involved in this wine? i loved the previous offerings of syrah and pinot noir…the little bit of syrah gave the pinot noir a back bone. quite delicious.


Oops… sorry… I knew it was one of the favorites (I am drinking the last glass of a 2008 inzin right now…). I agree that the PN (06 and 07, not 07 and 08 if I remember right now…) was a tremendous QPR. I am tempted to go in on this deal based on that alone…


Wow. This really is going to be the first all wine Wine Woot-Off, isn’t it? My sympathies to all folks in the numerous states where Wine Woot is not allowed to ship alcohol. Which includes my poor parents in Alabama. Hi, mom and dad! Yeah. No love for you, this Wine Woot-Off. Maybe next time.

On the plus side, I do understand that this is the pinnacle of success for people who insist that Wine Woot should be all about the wine. IMHO, it’s just nice to throw a bone to those who, through no fault of their own, don’t live in a state to which wine can be shipped. And also? Toffee. Brandini Toffee. I’m all out and really hope that this Wine Woot-Off isn’t toffee-free. But congrats to the all wine Wine Woot-Off folks. It’s all about you, this time.


2004 was the year that Scott sold Folie a Deux and started other ventures. All the info points to him being the winemaker in 2004. That alone is enough for me.

I agree that the '09 white label syrah was great and the description of this wine sounds very similar. Not sure if the pH levels are the same.

I am in for one. SH at $13/bottle?