Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma Coast 2007 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack

Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma Coast 2007 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
5 2007 Gazzi Pinot Noir, Estate Vineyard Sonoma Coast
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The CT notes are positive about the added Syrah. Looks like a great sub-$13 bottle.

Talk about weird, I was going to open one of my bottles of this last night. But the wine Gods weren’t smiling down on me, got a headache and went to bed instead… Now I don’t know if I like this or not…

LOVE IT…In for the limit (2)

Tried one a couple weeks ago and the gf and I both agreed we wanted more.

Now I gotta behave the rest of the woot-off.

I’m not a huge Pinot person. That said, I picked this up last time it was up and drank two of them so far. I enjoyed both, one following an excellent (and much heavier) cab, the second on its own. Highly suggest it.

BTW, gave away two of them to heavy Pinot drinkers and they both loved them as well.

The winemaker has got to have the longest name ever listed on wine.woot! Mahmoud Ghazanfarpour.

Purchased the 2006/2007 Pinot Noir and 2006 Chardonnay mixed case several months ago (Discussion link– 2007 was def. better than the 2006 (balance), but fairly flat. What you would expect out of a decent sub $10 pinot noir. Looks like the price per bottle has gone up ever so slightly. If you are looking for a drink now, this might fit the bill.

If I remember right, Scott Harvey was the winemaker on this and the winery itself is closing/closed.

We love this pinot - lots of depth and flavor. Sometimes I find pinot is rather weak and no body. This is my third buy of Gazzi - don’t want to run out of it.

Actually Mr. Long Name is the winery owner - this is made by Scott Harvey, isn’t it? I went in on the previous woot of this and, it’s okay, but not a favorite. Tastes a little, hmm. More alcohol-y and more fruity than what I’m used to in Pinot Noir, I guess. But I’m no expert. It improves with aeration IMHO.

At this price, in for two and can always cook with it if I don’t agree with the previous comments, but looks like a bargain for a daily drinker Pinot.

SIWBM is now in place until the next offer I can’t refuse.

I was concerned the summer shipping cooked mine when I ordered this last time it was offered, but I have opened three bottles of it and have been happy with each one. For the price, this is a good deal. I would buy more if I didn’t already have a ton of wine in the cellar. If you are interested in an inexpensive pinot that tastes great (less filling?), fire away.

I don’t have much time to write about this, but it was my first Pinot Noir.

I absolutely loved it; we drank it at a Ren Faire and everyone agreed that it was delicious.

I actually preferred this one over the 2006. This was more fruit forward than the 2007. So glad I can buy more and at a great deal $32 a bottle on the website.

What do these pair well with? Any other notes that will pique my interest?

Sell me on these, fellow WW’ers!

EDIT - Darn conference calls, that’s the second time one’s sold out on me this afternoon while I was still reading about it!

I have always suspected some Cali pinot producers of sneaking a little syrah in there but this is the first time I have actually seen it listed in writing!!!

I prefer my pinot to be pinot. If you need to put syrah in your pinot to make it “less thin” then you are not making a pinot that I want to buy.


Correct…here is the Voicemail from the mixed case offering with John Harvey chiming in.

In for 1. I could use a decent drink now wine.

ON the other hand, my wife might not be happy about it…is there such a thing as to much wine? This pushes me closer to the 300 bottle mark…

Glad I snuck in there for one at the end there :slight_smile:

Gifted two more only to find out it sold out moments later. Call it what you will but even a syrah added pinot that gets this kind of positive feedback makes room in my wine locker when my pinot selection is getting thin.