Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma Coast Mixed Case

Gazzi Estate Vineyards Sonoma Coast Mixed Case
$99.99 + $5 shipping
4 2006 Gazzi Chardonnay, Estate Vineyard Sonoma Coast
4 2006 Gazzi Pinot Noir, Estate Vineyard Sonoma Coast
4 2007 Gazzi Pinot Noir, Estate Vineyard Sonoma Coast
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Scott Harvey is the winemaker on this??? Hmmm, may have to jump on this.

Scott, any tasting notes?

Ty. Scott. Monkey. Yikes - what a week!!!

Super cheap pinot made by Scott Harvey? Tempting.

My only question on this pack is the 2006 Chardonnay. How much life is left in it?

Did you listen to his voicemail? “Gazzi doesn’t know how to sell wines, so it’s beautiful, but they’re stacked up…” (not sure if those are the exact words, but that’s the gist).

So we reap the benefits of that…

Holding up nicely. this is a screamer.

Never heard of this winery but still extremely tempted – I’ve had good luck with woot offerings and for the price I don’t know how I can go wrong.

Still – I’ve never heard of this winery. Anybody have some tips?

Any MLF buttery flavor?

taste comparison between the 2006 and 2007 pinot anyone?

My question is on the Chard also. How long was it oaked? (Heavily oaked whites do not go over well in my house…)

One way to look at this deal is you are getting 8 Pinots for 99.99 ($12ish each) plus 4 older vintage Chardonnays thrown in for free. Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself to buy it.

For any MD folks on here, check this out. Do any of the more experienced wooters know if allowing wineries to ship to MD residents will open the woot-doors for us, so to speak, or does woot fall under the excluded ‘retailer/distributor’ category?
Thanks all!:wink:

From the winery website:

Cool fermented in French Oak barrels, partial MLF, then aged in the same barrels for 16 months.

And SH is the winemaker for these too.

Wineries are known for their winemakers. And Scott Harvey, of woot acclaim, is the winemaker, making Pinot Noir because that’s what he learned to do in Germany (in the woot-cast). If you like Pinot Noir, this is likely to be among the best you’ll get for $9/bottle, or possibly under $20/bottle. Although I have read somewhere around here that really good Pinot Noir starts around $30/bottle. As was discussed in yesterday’s thread, this is likely a screaming QPR, but maybe not “flawless” wine.

I have to ask: why doesn’t a winery with a name like Gazzi make a sparkling wine?

Wuz just going to say the same thing.

$12.50 each for 8 PNs and 4 chards for gifting for free. Or for guzzling while you putz around with the grill on the deck ogling your GrillPorn…

I think I can count on the thumbs of one hand the number of times WineDavid has personally recommended a deal. Clarified some points of contention, perhaps, but not recommended.

Having as a basis only some insipid TJ’s Pinot Noir, I can’t say I know that I even like the varietal, much less enough to find room for another case. :frowning:

With the low production numbers and older years on these wines, how many cases can there possibly be left to allocate to Woot?

Scott Harvey did say in the voicemail that Gazzi hasn’t figured out to sell wine, so I’m going to guess 300-400 max for Woot, which would imply a probable sellout at this price point.

Woo-hoo! I made it. SWMBO was obeyed! SIWBM intact! mikegberg 1, Ty 0.

Wait, what’s that? Scott who? Pinot what? Oh, son of a…