GBH Men 6PK Moisture Wicking Mesh Shorts

GBH Men 6PK Moisture Wicking Mesh Shorts

I’m wearing a pair of these right now. got 'em last year. and guess what? I like 'em, I really like 'em! (read like Sally Fields in Oscars in1985.)


Are theae a single layer of sweat-be-gone, er, moisture wicking material, or is there a liner of some kind? Also, how thick/heavy is the fabric? Thinking of these for hiking and jogging.

I’ve had shorts but the garter has worn out and there’s no way to
keep them up. Do these shorts have a string to tie the waist when
the garter gives out? Even better if they have belt loops.

Will these help with sharts?asking for a friend

Is there a drawstring?

Is there a drawstring on these to keep them up if I order a size up?

No Drawstring from pics or description. States elastic waistband. I wouldn’t rely on it having a drawstring especially at this price and clear photo of the front of these shorts. I was hoping for some sort of drawstring too…

The ones I ordered a few months back do have a drawstring.

I ordered them when they were offered in April and mine have drawstrings. But the thing is, they remind me of when NBA shorts went through that phase where they were really long and baggy. The fact that the fabric is sort of thin doesn’t help.

They look ridiculous to me and I only wear them while I’m at home.

Yes they have a drawstring

I ordered a pair of XXL, apparently I’m more of a XL or L. Because these suckers are below my knee. I’m 6’2 250lbs. I wanted them slightly baggy. But they are now sleep shorts now. Otherwise they are nice.


no liner, light ,med thick fabric. perfect for jogging.

Yes, mine have a drawstring. Unfortunately I got all solid color, the “AI” did not care to at least mix a couple of the ones with the nice designs :frowning: