GBH Men's Belted Cotton Cargo Shorts 3Pk

GBH Men's Belted Cotton Cargo Shorts 3Pk

Is the belt removable or one of those ones where it’s part of the shorts?

The belt is removable.

Man oh man… woot should hock various lengths/colors of d-ring belts!

These shorts were so long they were down to my ankles. Honestly, they sucked.

Yeah, when I measure the number from their table it would come down over my knee, and I’m 6’-0" tall. But that is what their pic is showing. These ain’t short shorts, folks.

As with many Woot offerings, if it was one pair for $10 or $15 I might give it a shot. But not interested in rolling the dice on three pairs.

And all the good colors are sold out. I don’t need 3 all khaki colors

… but the shorts are not.