GBH Men's Belted Printed Cotton Shorts

What color number corresponds with the patterns?

The photos are captioned with the color number/description as well.

I would disagree with the slim fit description. I ordered the correct s
ize and they’re a regular fit.

The belt on at least one pair I received is too short. I haven’t tried the other pair.

They’re cheap, not just the price, but all around. The fabric is thin and the stitching isn’t very neat.

All that being said, for the price and free shipping with prime I don’t regret buying them, I just hoped they would be a better value.

thank you so much for the info - you helped inform my decision

stay away. arrived defective mis-stitched. The accidentally sewed over the pockets on the inside. cheap crap

Oh goodness. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Not bad, not great. Agree, these are not slim fit and they are a little baggier and longer than I expected. But I can’t complain too much for $13, I’ll get some use out of them.

I’m quite happy with mine. I ordered 2 more pairs. The quality wasn’t terrible and they fit nice