GBH Men's Mesh Lounge Shorts 3-Pack


Right there in the features.

(2) side pockets

We’ll be in the corner crying now.

It these are like other galaxy products, they are $30 overpriced. You can send them to me, but please enclose a check.

Are these shorts from China? The waist sizes seem awfully small for the sizes listed. And they’re size structure is definitely different than ours.

Definitely from China. Very small (I wear an XL and with this company a 3X is too small.
Very thing, colors are much brighter than expected, but show every smudge and stain like no other.
IMMHO, products from this company are fit only for the trash!

Extremely thin mesh material. Would NOT recommend… :frowning:

thanks for the feedback. I’ll skip this and stick to the Kohl’s clearance racks.

Agreed! I think they are see through thin! I am sure the person I bought them for will not wear them outside the house!

I just got mine today and am very disappointed. The description specifically says that there is a lining. There is no lining. It is just the outer layer of material and pockets. How do I get my money back?

I’m sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.