GBH Men's Pique Polos 6-Pack

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GBH Men’s Pique Polos 6-Pack
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Three 2 Pac’s (two packs) of piqued Pole’s (Polish People).

Ask a silly question get a silly answer… Yep, I’m Polish.

Looks like a short plaket. Ok if you’re skinny but problems otherwise.

I was thinking the same. One wash and these things are going to come up to my belly button.

They are not 100% cotton, so shrinkage should be minimal.

What’s up with the aversion to regular fit? Are all the other Woot customers Slim Fit? I feel so alone.

OH no, these definitely shrink. I got these last time, they are great but order a size up. Or lose 20-25 lbs. Another note, if you tuck, they are a little longer than usual, so they stay in better.

It’s not a Woot thing. Most major clothing retailers happily jumped on the slim fit band wagon in the late 2000’s because it showed people were willing to pay the same price for the same “size” but less material.

For a while, it was genuinely difficult to find modern-pattern dress shirts if you weren’t properly thin.

Why not define “Pique”. Not everyone’s a fabric expert. Also, pre-shrunk or not?

Size is off by one deviation (ie XXL fits like a XLarge)

Said the actress to the bishops… (plural, get it?)

Oh hi there probation doggy, who’s a good probation doggy?!

These seem too long if you’re not going to tuck them in. I’m 5’9" 165 lbs, and these shirts are about 3-4" longer than my other polos. Sad

What size do you have?

Decent “run around” shirts for the summer. However, one shirt did come with a major hole where the sleeve attaches to the shirt.

Was there a sleeve attached to that hole? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I’m sorry about the defective shirt. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Hmm… I just tried on my shirts and they seem to be “Classic Fit” vs slim fit. A large is long and baggy on me (5’9", 175lb)… I probably should have bought a medium, but went a size large based on the comments.

I’ve initiated a return with Woot, but if that falls through I may throw one in the wash and dry on high heat to shrink…

Yeah I haven’t washed them yet, so I can swear to it, but unless they do an extreme amount of shrinking for a cotton-poly blend, ordering one’s proper size is the way to go, as they are not small for the indicated size, as others were speculating. Very impressed with the quality of these shirts for the price. Hope this deal is repeated, as I’d like to get more as gifts.

Is there any chance this item or deal will be back?