GBH Men's Waffle-Knit Thermal Shirts 6Pk

GBH Men's Waffle-Knit Thermal Shirts 6Pk

Not really a deal. I got the exact same thing off Woot in 2017 for $22.99 a pack.

FWIW, they’ve held up great. For some reason the gray ones are a little tight, YMMV.

These are heavier than the ones from 2017 and these are a pack of six as opposed to the ones from 2017 which were less.

How is the fit on these? Do they run small, big, true?

Maaaaaaaan if these were like three long sleeve waffle knit paired with three flannels I would immediately revert to my 90’s grunge look.

One hundred percent.

I bought these last time around. I wear a Large (but I’m pretty thin) and the Medium size of these fits well as a base layer. If I were wearing this alone I would stick with large. Nice quality, though every shirt had loose threads that had to be tied off / cut off upon arrival.

They run a bit small/fitted. They also have inconsistent lengths based on the ones I bought previously

These are a good bit thinner than other waffle shirts I own, particularly the all-cotton ones. Nor are these as warm as my others. I do like the fit as they are somewhat trim (not skinny) and have good length.

Unfortunately, my 6-pack was shipped as a 3-pack. CS was able to refund half the cost though and suggested the order was shipped by a third party. Not sure how a 6-pack sale/order shipped in a small plastic pack or 3. Ordered the same set a couple years ago without issue. Seems to fit a size smaller so I went up a size this time. Seems to still be a bit snug around the wrist though. Otherwise, decent deal…