GE 7" Photo Frame with DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone


You’ve gotta be kidding me.

no kidding.

I don’t understand these devices. They make my head hurt.

C’moooooooooon. Let’s get the momentum going and get rid of this… wonderful product that everyone should buy. Immediately.


WAIT so land lines still exist?

wow $2 cheaper than last time, mine is still in the box


Ah yes… the phone where you can stare at a picture of a person while talking with them and pretend you’re using video chat.

n4 12!

Who would actually buy this? I mean do you need a phone right next to your picture… wow

God, look at that bar…

Who thought a Digital Picture frame plus a Phone would be a good idea?

Hope they got fired.

HILARIOUS Woot Description…Her lips…touched his hardrive ! ! ! Bwahahahahah

Wootalyzer estimates 3.5 hrs


I might be interested in a cheap digital picture frame. But who needs a land line phone?

bah! why isnt my wootoff chat working?

Not bad just for the photo frame. I wish I could buy one, but I use a cell phone…