GE 7" Photo Frame with DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

can this be programmed in anyway to have a picture show up when a certain number calls?

The picture frame is as good as any 7" out there, and is surprisingly easy to load photos to. However, I find the ringer of the phone very annoying.


…and the contacts picture will display on the photo frame when they call…
My cell phone has been doing that for years!

Manufacturer’s Page:

Where else to look first? The manufacturer’s website.

GE outsourced their tech support to India and it is some of the worst tech support I’ve ever had. Pray you never have a problem with this phone.

Average Amazon reviews:

And the manual.

demo on youtube

Harry Purrer?

Oh, and GE’s product website has many internal database errors…

What is the make - need to buy the other hand sets to go with this.

? We’ve obviously been to the same place. I had no issues.

does the phone handset have a connector for a headset attachment? It would be great if it did and I’d be in for one.

I bought this exact telephone / photo frame from Woot a while back. The reception and call quality of the phone has been great. The LCD picture on the frame has a nice vibrant picture. I have been happy with my purchase.

Uh, GE. Here’s the accessory handset.

They can be found here. Along with many other places. Averages $20 - $25 per handset.

Well, two posts above yours, EBrossette says they do.

In for one. Will make a great birthday gift.

I bought two of these last time they went on sale. One arrived with a broken LCD with obvious damage to the shipping carton.

That said, the other unit works well enough.I put in an SD card with about 2,000 pics and it reads most fine. Every once in a while it displays “unsupported filetype”, I get the feeling the pic size is simply too large (600k+, I’m guessing) and I’ve just been too lazy to downscale them. Caller ID works well enough when you first save a pic internally. Just make sure it’s a small file so that it’s quick.

The display is small enough so that the resolution is good onscreen.

The phone itself works, but it’s defnitely nothing to write home about, it lacks in presence, “oomph” for lack of a better description.

When you consider it’s $30 for a picture frame and phone, I’d say it’s worth it. More for the picture frame and visual caller ID - not so much the phone itself.