GE Cordless 5.8GHz Triple Handset Phone System with Digital Answering System

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GE Cordless 5.8GHz Triple Handset Phone System with Digital Answering System
$32.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 GE 25942EE3 5.8GHz 3 Handset Phone System

Do these phones (with this particular frequency) work well if I’m microwaving or using wireless controllers for the Xbox/PS3/Wii?

“Ring ring ring ring banana phone do do do do!”

Oh boy! 3 of those newfangled cordless phones! At 5.8 jigawatts!

Oh wait, I carry something like that in my pocket almost all the time I care to answer a phone. And it has voicemail included. It folds up! Best of all, if I press a button, it springs into its unfolded state! What fun!

Ouch. 1 star on average via Buzzillions. Yup, I said One Star.

And that’s from 9 reviewers.

What does “Digital Recording Technology” mean? Can you record your phone calls with these?

Does anyone know what the range is on these things as far as how far you can get away from the handset without it cutting off or getting static-y?

Actually microwaves can affect them… at least the 15-year-old one we had when I was younger affected our phones at the time.
No idea on the XBox controllers though.

“I’ll call for Pizza, I’ll call my cat! I’ll call the White House, have a chat! I’ll place a call around the world, Operator, get me Beijing!”

5.8 jiggawatts… I wonder how far one can be from the base before it goes fuzzy?

I’m moving into a 400 sq/ft studio apartment so I mean…it’d be kinda funny I guess…

Fry’s sells Dect 6.0 GE 3 phone handsets with answering machine all the time for $30

Huh… No Wootcast today?

GE! We bring bad things to light!

I still feel stupid for passing up on those sleeping bags 2 days ago.

I bought one from Big Lots for 35. Its very static! I have wireless router at home and I think it interferes. I hate it. I think this uses the old technology. Get one for like 60 or 70 dollars that has the interference block. :slight_smile:

How far away can you put the two extra headsets? Specifically, up and down (not just on the same place). I’m wondering in terms of keeping these on different floors…

No hands free? No way.


well, I guess that answers the question.

also cheaper here

I got the last Uniden deal for the GF, it’s working good. I liked bringing her the phone in the bath and not worrying about it getting wet. At home I rarely answer the phone. If it’s important they’ll leave a message. I’m waiting for more Roombas!