GE DECT 6.0 Phone with Bluetooth Cellphone Connection




Everyone likes Bluetooth!


2790 Roadside triangles - those are essentially carp, why didn’t they sell out in 3.6 seconds?


They just won’t let the land-line phones die will they? I suppose integrating them with cell phones should keep them around for just a bit longer.


Don’t cell phones already let you place phonecalls from anywhere in your house…and out of?


I hate FAIL pictures because the fail is so unnecessary I can tell what is wrong without a giant red FAIL written on it!


So this turns your cell phone…into…um…a phone…that…um…

What does this do???


tried this last year and couldn’t make it work. It was only $25 at


Hmm I would buy it if it let my cell phone answer my landline when it rings.

(our cell service is spotty and goes out almost immediately during a power outage, so we still have the landline)


i lol’ed hard at that


I got two triangles. Better than nothing, and I don’t have to go to Pep Boys.


wait what? I’m so fucking confused. What does this thing do? Is this like a novelty phone or something? Can it be used with land lines? My brain hurts.


This is a great product. It allows you to make cell phone calls from anywhere in your house while pretending to be on a landline!


I don’t get it…

This is a cordless phone that allows me to make calls throught my cellphone. This sould like some weird cellphone middle man.


Would have worked great for me as there are onlya few spots in my house that get cell reception so I could leave the cell phone in one of those spots and use these to talk on the “cell phone”


Park your cell phone upstairs where you get cell reception, then carry these handsets into your basement. This way - you can call out/receive calls in your basement if your cell phone signal is weak down there… No landline needed


I got one of these in my last BOC…they work pretty well actually. My cell phone doesn’t give me any warning when the battery is going to die, so with this I can just leave the cell on the charger and use either of the handsets to talk. Interesting concept at least


I have one of these. It works well if you live in a place where your cell reception wavers. I have to leave my cell by a window or I lose the signal and this allows me to use the cell all over the house. Plus you can have cell and landline on one phone.