GE Lighting LED Bright Stik Bulbs 12-Pack

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GE Lighting LED Bright Stik Bulbs 12-Pack
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4/7/2018 - $19.99

Soft white. Ugly, depressing, yellow soft white. Why are they always soft white?

Replacement Wattage: 40-Watt

And indoor use only …

Meh. I got a dozen of the 60w/760 lumen/2850K version for $9.00 over a year ago on closeout at the big Orange store.

And dim. Soft white and dim. I need some the same lumens as the sun. Or close to. Not a hurricane lamp from the 16th century. GIVE ME LIGHT OR I’ll still not be able to see a damn thing in my studio. These won’t do it.

Because these are distressed items that didn’t sell. WHY didn’t they sell? because they’re 40 watt, DIM soft white.


These are actually on clearance at a local chain grocer - cheaper there, and they can’t get rid of them either. I guess while most people want daylight bulbs of 1100 lumens or more, the manufacturers insist on making “mood lights” of low lumens and “soft white” (pinkish lighting). Local hardware store can’t keep the 1400 lumen daylight bulbs in stock…

How do you like them? How’s the life of the bulb?

I have also gotten these style on clearance, but mine where bright white light. The stick style throws people off so no one wants them. Finding them around this price is pretty common. If you put it in a lamp or anything with a cover you’d never know. We stuck them all over a house were renovating so we don’t care what shape they are.

Not every place needs excessive light. Lower wattage is perfectly fine for accent lighting or multiple bulb fixtures.

Yes, the shape is different, but that’s why these can work where regular A19 bulbs won’t. I have three in one fixture which was designed for A15 (smaller diameter bulbs) bulbs, a couple replaced T10 tubular bulbs in desk lamps, and one in the fridge where there’s no risk of glass breakage and the lower energy consumption is welcomed.

Warm white vs cool white is all personal preference. Those who are used to incandescent would be more welcoming to the warm vs. those who are used to the cooler white of fluorescent.

Totally agree, I use the 60w soft white @ home. I’ve tried a few different manufacturer’s led bulbs including Philip’s. Some of them have “burnt out” in a couple of years, don’t know why. It has not
happened with these GE ones.

Soft white and dim is a good thing. These will not throw off your internal clocks like the bright white lights that give off more blues than reds. Reds in soft whites help keep your internal clock, which has been set up to know when to sleep by the sun’s own reds produced at dusk and by candles. Want to sleep better at night? Go with these softwhites in all your fixtures for two hours before bed.

Even newer cell phones are coming with blue light filters to filter out the blue light from screwing with your circadian rhythm… just saying.