Gear Pro 1080p Sport Action Cam- 3 Color

Anybody know about the quality of these? I want to replace an old dash cam. Wondering if this will cook on my windshield in the summer sun…

I’m wondering the same thing. TX heat+Black car.

Do not waste your money. I did. Once. Got the $40 one a year ago. It lasted one ride on the motorcycle. Then borrowed a GoPro. Now I am saving my money to get one. There is no comparison. And yes, it is worth 5 to 10X the money.

Don’t waste your money. Broke when trying to mount. Very cheap plastic. Had to super glue the mount to stay on. Sound quality is terrible.

You get what you pay for. It’s not a GoPro nor is it built like one. It’s not made to stand up to the things a GoPro is.

I have no doubt that the folks saying it did not last one ride on a motorcycle are being quite truthful. Just holding the thing you can see that.

That said, I have used mine in damp and very rainy environs without any condensation issues but have never actually used it under water so YMMV.

I have used mine probably about a dozen and a half times for various things and had it for over a year now and it still works just fine.

I would’t. I doubt the battery could stand up to the heat. They tend to expand or even explode in some devices. Not sure what type is in these.

For my part I went with these Capacitor based units and have been very happy with them. Just bought my third one for the wife’s car.

Just be sure you get one sold by “Spy Tec”

the specs here say the UW casing is rated to only 10 feet depth but most of this type action camcorders have UW cases rated to 60 meters/ 198 feet. Is the 10 foot a typo?

GearPro’s corporate site says 3 meters (10 feet). Really? That’s POS territory. I want to send this down a couple hundred feet above a Snapper rig and watch a Red Snapper jump all over my s**t.

There ain’t no free lunch. Get the right tool for the job.