Gear Pro 1080p Sport Action Cameras

Bought one of these a few weeks back. Must say i’m disappointed. When the waterproof housing is on i could not tell if it was recording or not from the front. Also the remote is using IR technology so it only works when pointing it at the front of the camera, no luck from the back or sides.

Got one from the last sale, and I’ve been satisfied so far, for the price. I’ve made a few runs with it strapped to my 50mph RC car, and it’s held up as well as one could expect. The picture quality is just fine for the amateur stuff I’m using it for.

It comes with all kinds of neato attachments, and the case seems secure enough, but I’d rather not perform a bunch of drop or crash tests to push it.
The screen is nice, if only to help mount the camera and housing; I don’t rely on the use of the remote, and the touch screen is cheap so don’t expect precision poking. The vehicle video mode definitely makes a huge difference for shooting hi-motion shots too, so make sure you use it!

One other thing to be aware of: make sure you get a class 10 microSD card! Anything less probably won’t work, I tried an older one I found in a drawer and it wouldn’t register. I would suggest getting at least 16GB, if not 32GB, which would probably give you full record time before the battery dies.

Pay attention to the shipping time. Ordered a blue and a black on 28 Feb and I still don’t have them.

I’m sorry for the delay. If you haven’t already done so, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’ll be pinging them as well.

Same here. Needed it for a trip this weekend. Super super pissed. Looks like it just left yesterday. What is up with that? So disappointed.

Do these have a mode for time lapse video?

I poked around on a few other sites and didn’t find any mention of this, so my guess is no. Hopefully a previous wooter can chime in and confirm or deny.

This thing is a piece of crap. Feels really cheap and takes ok pics and video but it doesn’t work without being plugged in. Yes I’ve tried the reset several times with no results. The battery just doesn’t charge. I would attempt to return it but I don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of a woot! return. I just see it as $60 down the drain. Do yourself a favor and save for a GoPro.