Gear Pro 720p Action Camcorders

I bought one of these from a previous Woot and am satisfied with it. I use it as a dashcam and it works. I often have to reboot it a number of times at the start of a drive because it indicates “card error” for the microSD I use. After a few reboots, it recognizes the card and boots up normally. The mounts are good and solid. The camera is a piece of crap, but does the job.

does it work at night? has night vision?

Does it take audio? Does it have a remote?

yes it has audio, if your fingers are long enough

DO NOT BUY … bought one form woot and can get NO customer service to repair a cracked lens on the water proof case

Yeah I broke the handlebar mount while out on the trails, cant find any replacement parts for it and the helmet mount included with it is complete junk.

Overall the video is not that bad for 40 bucks, but if anything breaks you out of luck.

It does not have night vision. It does record audio. There is no remote.

Before buying this, check out the Vivitar 785 at Walmart. $20 and free “ship to store” pickup. It appears to be the same item. Walmart also has the Vivitar 787 for $40. It has a remote control, plus offers 1080p recording and a slightly larger LCD display.

I bought one on the last woot. The video is pretty poor. The camera mount cant handle my Harley motor. It vibrates way too much.
Here is a video

Bought one late last year and it work for a couple of hours then died. Sent it back for a refund. Pretty cheaply made

I bought the next model up that does 1080p and it’s crap. Feels really cheap and takes ok pics and video but it doesn’t work without being plugged in. Yes I’ve tried the reset several times with no results. The battery just doesn’t charge. I would attempt to return it but I don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. I just see it as $60 down the drain. Do yourself a favor and save for a GoPro.

Can’t get any customer at all. Tried to email directly and used support page. Handlebar mount does not thread into waterproof housing properly. I have no use for it since this doesn’t work properly.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry/post along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

The camcorder I got has hundreds of bright white specs inside the camera. My first thought was dusty lens, but no, they are inside the factory sealed unit making it worthless to me. I have contacted woot! support three times now, once asking for support info for the manufacturer the last two asking for a Return Authorization. NO RESPONSE has been received to date. I have been woot!ing - and enjoying it - since 2009. If this is the new norm for customer service they won’t have to worry about me buying from them anymore. I’m no longer just disappointed now I’m ANGRY!

I can’t get support from woot! for my POC either. Grrrr.