Gear Pro 720p HD Sport Action Cam

**Item: **Gear Pro 720p HD Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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Let’s all sit back and watch this review [youtube=kbCa9wvikzg][/youtube]

Check it out under ice (comments confirmed gear pro)

Wow, not even Google knows what a Gear Pro GDV123 720p camera is. No one else sells it online.

I can’t trust the review of anyone who calls a MicroSD card a “microchip”.

$40? And new? I think I’m going to buy this.

I certainly can’t afford a $300 GoPro camera (something I’ve wanted a long time). I came close to buying the $99 Swann cam that has appeared on WOOT every now and then But I didn’t have the nerve to pull the trigger on it.

Now I see a $40 sport action camera? I never heard of this camera before but I can certainly afford to risk $40 on it. And I’m ok with the specs. I’m not trying to make a Hollywood film afterall. :stuck_out_tongue:

At this price, it makes a great birthday, Holiday or even wedding (new baby!!!) gift!!!

I do have a Swann HD Freestyle and i mainly use it for saltwater kayak fishing… will probably grab one of these to act as an additional camera mounted either on front of yak or on a monopod from behind…

Hmmmm…good enough for outdoors in the daylight. I really like the suction cup mount. Has a universal screw I could use with any camera. What really stands out to me is that it supports up to a 32gb micro SD. That’s a lot of video. Wonder if it can record while plugged into the car or if it is a charge only mode? Anyone know the battery life?

the rest of the world wide web seems to refer to this camera mfg as Pyle, except that one is 1080p

Gear Pro.

That doesn’t sound like anything else I should know. Also, I can recognize a genuine Sonya when I see one.

Even Google doesn’t seem to know what this camera is, but reviews for a similar (basically identical?) model from the same company on Amazon seem to say it sucks. “15 minute battery life” and “completely broke the first time I hit a bump with it on my bike” stood out to me. Think I’ll pass.

This might be the cam. Looks very similar.

I received one of these as a b-day gift last year. It’s my in-car camera for my race car and have used it on my quad with no problems. Picture is great and it’s very durable. Only advice is to put something of padding, bubble wrap or paper even, inside the clear plastice enclosure case. Otherwise most of the sound you hear will be the camera rattling around.

Decision made. Thanks.

Any info on the field of view? From that kid’s video, it looks like a 30mm equiv lens, but a 9mm on P&S sized sensors usually would be a 50mm equiv lens. If that is the case, you won’t get that travelling at an exaggerated speed look.

Are any of these types of cameras good for night shooting? I’ve been riding down local fire trails at night, using lights, and it would be great if I could effectively capture the action.

The polaroid XS7 (its equiv) has a 70 deg field of view, which is roughly equiv to a 31mm lens. But the polariod has a 6mmm lens. This one has a 9.3mm, which would make it something like a 50mm or so. Basically a useless lens when mounting it on a stick for self portraits, and not too useful on those helmet or car cam shots.

doubt it. the review above has a section where he walked down the staircase and it looked very grainy in that section.

This camera definitely looks awesome!