Gear Pro 720p or 1080p Sport Action Cam

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Gear Pro 720p or 1080p Sport Action Cam
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Feb 12 to Monday, Feb 17) + transit
Condition: New


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lol “Gear” pro? Never heard of it. I wonder if these are on Woot because of lawyers.

Link to previous Woot for the 720p Version:

Check out the 720 on a ROFLcopter

Some videos for your viewing pleasure



Okay help me out geek peeps (no disrespect intended)…720 has all the bells & whistles (Velcro strap & helmet strap), the 1080 does NOT:-( I want the strap’s! what kind of picture quality difference am I looking at if I go with the cheaper one that has all the bells & whistles & extras? VERY ODD that the cheaper one has more and the 1080 higher priced one has only one lousy mount that looks like you can’t really wear it when your doing a run, all you can do is attach it or mount it to something…Thanks in advance…

Where can I purchase head mount for this camera? Will the one for GoPro work for this camera?

ordered 3 last time they came available. 2 dead out of the box, 3rd won’t stay on. Gave up trying to deal with getting them replaced. Gear pro almost impossible to contact. Beware, as will all electronics on woot anymore.

I went for the 1080 for 1 reason:

remote control

How well will these work as dashboard cameras, especially at night? And, if you’ve tried them in a '99 Mustang, I’d love to hear how you mounted it.

I 100% agree with this. Plus look at the pics of what comes with each…all you’re really missing in the 1080 is the “shield” which is pointless now that they have a remote (on 720p you can’t use touch screen in waterproof case), the car charger which is also no big deal, and the helmet strap…but you still get the helmet mount. If a strap really isn’t included, I’m sure you can figure something out.

I bought the 720p last time it was on here. It lasted about 20 minutes, not a fault to GoPro…it’s because I had it mounted on my boat’s wakeboard tower and the first time we were using it somebody on my boat accidentally threw it in the drink when our own wave hit the side of the boat while circling back to me, the rider in the water. Why did he do this? Because in order to get any decent actual ride time on HD video, he was opening the case every time the rider went down to pause the camera, because there’s no other way to pause or play. It just so happens the wave hit the boat right as he was taking the camera out of the case.

Moral of my story…the remote is invaluable, as I would still have the old one if it had a remote, most likely. Plus for me it’s especially a no brainer since I still have all those other accessories in the old box lol! Go for the 1080p.

Does anyone know what format(s) can be used on the memory card? A friend has one of these or a similar GoPro knockoff, and its memory card can only use the FAT32 format. That limits the video files to 2GB or 4GB, not very long for 1080P video.

Funny thing is I ordered 2 of these and it took me over a month to get my money back from WOOT…I ordered these then I thought they were GP PRO cameras…my fault…I then tried to cancel my ordered within 10 minutes after I ordered them…good luck trying to do that…I ended using my PayPal card and had to file a complaint to get my money back…the cameras are junk as I can see reading the comments…

There seems to be some confusion. This is not a GoPro camera, it’s a cheap knock off. Reviews on Amazon seem to be bimodal–with lots of 1 star reviews–never a good sign.

BY the time you edit, and compress for youtube? 720 = 1080 all day long.

Who is confused? No one in the comments above is…

Seems at least one person read the comments… Neller0414 referred to it as a GoPro. Gear Pro is definitely chosen to confuse people into buying.

Piece of crap… I bought 3 and one does not work. Found out after woots 21 day warranty. They took almost 2 weeks to even answer. The company they sold for required me to ship it with 15 bucks to repair. It never worked and within 60 days I had to put 20 bucks in to it. Poor company woot sold for. Poor customer service from woot.