Gear Pro 720p Sport Action Cam- 5 Colors

These are garbage. Don’t take it from me, take it from people who will no doubt comment that they used it once and tossed it in the trash.

Thanks for the heads up. I figured you get what you pay for but is the value there at all? I mean if you have nothing and only $40 to spend wouldn’t this be better than nothing for the people who can’t afford to buy a GoPro or a Drift?

First, there was a GoPro.

Then, there was the GoAmateur.

Better than nothing sure, if you need an “action cam” right now.

there are so many better than this one. we had so many problems with this. Lots of condensation problem. I too thought oh it’s 35 bucks how bad can it suck. A lot, find another one.

So what cam out there is better than this one for less than $50 i’m not familiar with action cameras thanks.

How terrible is this? I’m looking for something to mount under my truck to check for issues. Don’t want a GoPro because there’s a chance it will fall off I’ll crush it.

This seems like it fits the job price-wise. Is it really that bad?

I don’t think so… I bought one a while back for the kids to experiment with. It’s certainly not a device that takes high-quality video, but it works as advertised.

I haven’t compared it against a GoPro, nor have I used it a whole lot, but for the price, I think it’s worth it.

If nothing else, you can secretly make video of Malcolm putting the fish in a blender.

This is fair. It’s not great, but for the price, I think it’s fine.

Borrow a GoPro and you will find a way to save up the $299. I spent $40 on one of these and it lasted one motorcycle ride. Now it is in the trash.

This thing is pretty much a toy. Not bad if you want to stick it in a model rocket and don’t care that you might not get it back, not good if you hope to get any video you want to keep. Note the specs only say 720p video – nothing about framerate or lens specs to indicate actual image quality. An entry level GoPro is less than 5x the price of this Woot and is infinity-times better. (My experience with these – I’ve blown a couple to kingdom come in model rockets, but none of the videos I have recovered have ever been all that great).

For mounting under a truck – since it’s dark down there you will probably get such a poorly exposed image with this you won’t be able to tell what’s going on. The lens is probably on a fixed aperture or has such narrow aperture options that this is only useful in bright light.

bought one last week. junk. wont turn on. returned and ordered another with stabilization after reading reviews

Search for an SJ4000 on eBay.

X2 - these cameras are junk. I purchased 3 over a period of time and 2 of them had issues. The first one wouldn’t charge and the second one got to where you couldn’t turn it on.
The third one still works however just about every mount has cracked. I purchased a REAL gopro and it’s far better built. The mounts hold solid and I’ve had no issues whatsoever. Boo to Woot for carrying such a poor quality product.