Gear Pro 720p Sport Action Cam- 7 Colors

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Gear Pro 720p Sport Action Cam- 7 Colors
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Don’t waste your money. Terrible specs and reviews. Unless you’re giving it to a child. In that case buy 3!

I think it’s also good to see if you really want an action cam before shelling out the dollars for a high-end one.

Also, you’re not gonna cry so much if this one gets crushed in some “Here, hold my beer and watch this” activity or goes overboard while showing off in some kayak or boat.


Just about pulled the trigger and realized this was NOT a Go Pro.

Gear Pro … Go Pro - I see what you did there.

No thank you.

HMB - I believe we have outted Thunder as a Redditor!

I read but don’t post much. But I’m a Texan. We’re all about HMB.

Yes! You tell 'em!

I have the 1080 version of this I picked up last time it was on woot! The audio quality is not great, its barely good. But the video quality in the daytime is nice. I used it one week skiing and got some great vacation video. As an FYI the camera will attach to the Go-Pro mounts with a very very simple mod.

Agree with TT but if it doesn’t work that mat be why I throw it overboard!

You get what you pay for. I can’t afford a $300 Go Pro. You can’t compare this thing to the GoPro…It’s not even in the same category.

this thing sucks, waste of money. i bought one from here last year and i always get errors with it.

The force is strong in this one.

I have the 1080p version and it is cheap. It works well enough for what I got it for though, as a dash cam in the car. Fun to play with but you get what you pay for.

So Gear-Pro is NOT the same company as Go-Pro?

Not even an earlier sub company spin off?

Who needs 720p when it only has 7 colors?

No, they are not. At least to my knowledge.

Bought one of these a while back for my motorcycle. Clamped it on the handlebars and went to bed. Woke up the next morning, and the handlebar clamp was already broken; the bike never moved. Good luck finding support or remediation from the manufacturer - they don’t appear to exist. Woot took care of me, but I’m just using it as a cheap dashcam inside the car windshield. Battery life is terrible, it stays plugged in to the lighter outlet.

It’s a toy.

Re: Gear Pro 720p Sport Action Cam- 7 Colors

He’s right, I demand 256 at least!