Gear Pro Action Camcorders

At first I was excited that Woot had Go-Pro’s for sale… then I read it a second time and I was disappointed. sigh

Does anyone know if this could be used as a Web cam, and if so, would it be decent? I have an old Microsoft one that is rubbish video quality.

Reviews on it are mixed, but it may be worth a try. You cannot beat the price when Amazon is selling it for $80.

battery life?

I thought it was a back-up camera for a bicycle. Still looking.

…hmmm…identical to the Pyle PSCHD30 HD Sport Action Camera with 720p Wide-Angle Camcorder, 5.0MP Camera, 2-inch Touch Screen, microSD Card Slot, Waterproof Case & Mounting Gear for Biking, Riding, Racing, Skiing & Water Sports that I bought on Woot a little while ago

Do not bother as an underwater…we had 2 and both leaked and destroyed the SD cards.

Ours was only good for about 5 minutes. :frowning:
Hopefully it’s better for everyone else.

Mine lasts about 45 minutes if the temp is above freezing. Below 32 is about 20 minutes. BTW, contrary to popular opinion, it does record while charging if you use the cig lighter charger. The USB (even if connected to the cig lighter) will not record while plugged in.

Mine works under water but I haven’t tried it below 9 ft (tested in pool).

Mine records while charging in the car just fine. I got it from Woot about a year ago and just bought another after seeing this sale.

If all you want to use it for is normal webcam work, you can get a Logitech C525 from Amazon. Better picture quality, better software, and only $27.

I am returning mine. I ordered it from Woot last week. The thing only ever powered up twice and it refuses to turn on. Ouch. It seems this is common for this Cam.

Has anyone from this past sale had theirs shipped or received it? Mine hasn’t had any movement yet.

I see a tracking number for your order and it shows it’s out for delivery today.

You might check your spam folder for the tracking email.

I’ll Private Message you the tracking number.

To view your private messages, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

Up until a little after noon today I had nothing on this being shipped. Either way the issue is now resolved and and the camera is due to arrive today. Thanks for the help!

This shipped directly from the vendor so they have to email us the tracking file for us to upload. That spits an email out to you. If they’re late getting us that tracking file… well…

Connected this to the PC, won’t recognize it, and the screen went snowy and froze up. I’ve tried holding the power button to restart it, and it won’t even do that. How do I go about returning this?

Bummer, sorry you had trouble. These do have a 1yr warranty with Gear Pro; they may be able to offer some insight. Have you contacted them yet?

Additionally, you can reach Woot Member Services by emailing with your order number, user name and situation.