Gear Pro Action Cams

Is it just me or are these cheaper just about anywhere else?

Has anyone had any luck with this little camera?

i picked up a blue one before xmas as a present for my dad. and i wanted to figure out the buttons prior to giving it to him. and it was DOA… it would power up and turn on. but would not recognise any of the SD cards i tried with it 3 different brands/ 2 different class cards. just says NOsD on the display.

ended up getting him the new SOny action cam and am quite pleased with it so far.

and have a blue gearpro=paperweight.

With the original Go-Pro HERO going for $130 new I’d expect these to drop dramatically in price. I’ve heard way more negatives than positives on this brand.

Don’t be cheap, go to Sam’s Club or Costco, and get a nice Hero for yourself. You might pay $100 more, but you won’t have to fight with a poor quality product, and will be able to find all the accessories you could ever need.

Price after shipping is about $45 below Amazon and that might be the best thing about this. Opened mine this morning: no remote included. Waterproof case is badly scratched. Still charging the camera so will check that later.
I checked the website: the Quest (model GDV995) isn’t even listed as a product. And their products page link is a File not Found. Kind of ominous.
Edit: It gets worse: the FAQs on the website are fake with fake answers. And the support phone number is 555-555-5555. Not sure if this even qualifies as sketchy.

I did get one of these GearPro cameras.
I does connect to my phone or table pretty easily via WiFi.
However, there is no battery life. I charged it last night. Then mounted and started recording my ride to work, it was shut off before I went halfway. I charged it again during work, and tried for my ride home - less than a mile…
I know it isnt meant to be opened, but I may as well see if I can replace the battery pack.

The SJ4000 camera on Amazon can be bought with a zippered carry case and replaceable/removable battery, rear display for about $80. So far the SJ4000 is a much better deal than this GearPro.