Gear Pro Sport Action Cams

I have one, and for anyone wanting to try for the “GoPro” experience, but with more limited budget, this is a great deal. As specified, the lens is wide angle, so be aware. The images are great - no complaint. I have used the iPad app, and as a webcam connected to PC via USB. The only downside I found is that it only sees & saves webcam images at VGA (640 by 480), not the HD you will get by using it stand alone. Also note the user manual is very Spartan, so may need additional research in order to get the app running.

Bought on on the last sale. Wish I hadn’t. Very poorly built, poor response on touch screen. Remote included works only if in front of the camera (really dumb). Instructions written in who knows what, supposed to be english but definite Chinese flair to the wording making it about as usable as a subbed Chinese movie. Only real thing to say good about it is that shipping arrived fast. Hope it goes as fast on the way back