Gear Pro Sport Action Cams

bought one about a year ago, never worked…thought it was a Go Pro…amazing how a few letters can mislead someone…

Over the course of three years I was stupid enough to buy two different models. Both died quickly and I never was able to get any sort of resolution or refund for either of them. JUNK!


I too fell victim to the poor quality of this item…4 days after having it - the focus took a dump and it is useless to me now…should have saved the $35 and put it towards a GoPro - liver and learn

Mine worked a few times and then quit! I bought the memory card and all and only used four times. Junk! When will I learn…you get what you pay for and that’s it.
Second problem with products from Woot, the other was a Canon Rebel 5i, it never worked properly, I figured it was just my lack of knowledge but discovered too later it was the camera.
So long Woot, you’ve taken enough money from me.