Gear S3 Classic


Gear S3 Classic


Available for $168 with free shipping on Amazon


Yeah, I noticed several of the Gear watches in sale here right now are available on Amazon for less - the one difference, if my memory serves, is the Factory Reconditioned part.
For whatever that is/isn’t worth.

I had and lost (if that’s the right word, since I technically do know where it is… at the bottom of a lake) this watch pretty recently. I did really like it, though it fit a bit awkwardly, being larger than my freakishly narrow wrist. Was looking forward to the new Samsung watch, which comes in a smaller size, but doesn’t seem to be getting rave reviews, so I guess I’ll be holding my breath for the Withings with ECG. It would be awfully nice to be able to get a semi-decent reading of vitals on the go without having to break out an entire cuff and battery-powered machine set up.