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As usual, I seem to be finding similar items cheaper on Amazon…

Are the Niblicks right or left handed? The picture is right handed but you never know …

I just got word from the staff.
The Niblicks are right handed.

Thank you for the inquiry!

Do the rbz max irons come with a sand wedge?

It appears that in the Specs tab of the sale the SW is included.

Hmmm but the title says “8-piece set” which is irons 4-9, PW and AW… The SW would make 9…

Can you confirm please?


AHHH! I see what you did there.

Yes, I’ll ping the staff and find out. I very much doubt that I will get an answer tonight, but someone should post an answer soon.

It depends on the set makeup that you select. The men’s sets left do not include a SW.

The Pinemeadow Men’s Hybrids are $25 less on Pinemeadow’s website now. How bout a deal Woot?

This is my understanding…
If you specify 4-PW it is a 7 piece set for 349. Everything else is an 8 piece set that includes the AW (gap wedge), and the only set that includes the SW is the ladies 8 piece 5-SW set (including AW also).

Correct me if I am wrong, please.

I just ordered a women’s set of irons. Could I change that to another set which includes rescue clubs?

Bill Thompson

The only set that includes a sand wedge is the ladies set. Irons will often run 3/4-9, then a pitching wedge (PW), approach/gap wedge (AW/GW), sand wedge (SW), and lob wedge (LW). Sand/lob wedges aren’t typically included with most iron sets, as most people play a different brand of wedges based on their swing.

I wouldn’t be looking at the RBZ Max irons unless you’re a senior (even though the only flex left is stiff), or just plan to be a ~10 rounds a year player (in which case you should buy much cheaper used irons), as they’re veritable shovels in every sense of the word. At the very least, read reviews of them to understand the demographic to which TMaG was catering when they designed them.

Back to wedges: TaylorMade has released several nice wedges for high handicappers recently - the ATV series of wedges, as well as the RocketBladez sand and lob wedges. They have a much larger sole than most players’ wedges, making them substantially easier to hit than a typical wedge. Check those out if you’re in the market for game-improvement wedges.

The RBZ set with the 4 and 5 hybrids: There is no choice of shafts, it just describes them as “lightweight”. Can you tell me if they are senior, regular or stiff? Thanks.

To clarify, I see you can choose steel or graphite shafts, but not a specific flex.

No answer, so I guess it’s unknown. Too bad, I have two friends that would order if they were regular flex.

Both are regular shaft


July 26 I got an email saying my clubs had shipped. Fedex said they would be delivered last Saturday. Now Fedex is saying they only have the shipment information. What is going on?

Hi, does anyone know what type/brand of shafts are included with the taylormade r11 irons?