Gear Up for Hunting



Some familiar products in this lot to sport.woot fans (which gives you another chance at these, yay)- I’d love to hear about everyone’s experiences with these!


Will a red ryder BB gun spin the .22/.17 target? I know it doesn’t have close to the same energy as an actual .22 or .17 cartridge, but a man can hope.


no way no how.


I clicked on this to see if they had the pictured target. I have one and love it for my .22s. Want a second one to set out at different distance. But, alas, another woot plus where thy aren’t selling the item shown in the photo.

p.s. they also have it put together wrong, the silver target is supposed to be above the cross bar. The red ones flip up when you shoot them then you shoot the silver one to reset them.


Do not use these with a Red Ryder BB gun! You WILL shoot your eye out. (I’m serious) Red Ryder’s are pretty underpowed, but thats not the problem. The problem is RR’s shoot BB’s, not pellets. Pellets deform on impact and will typically fall straight down. BB’s richochet and will often come right back at you. Never shoot at metal targets with BBs.


I bought the Do All swinging .22/.17 target from a previous offering. I’ve been using it with a .177 air rifle. I can make the targets swing when I hit them but my gun doesn’t have enough oomph to make them swing completely around. The metal is holding up well to the pellets but the paint is not. Every hit knocks a dot of paint off. You’ll be repainting this often. I guess you could call it a feature because you can always see exactly where you hit.

Here’s the one I bought:



The copper BB will ricochet like Denzel Washington.


So I’m assuming since they’re rated for “soft nose lead bullets only” that factory FMJ and hollow points cannot be used. That rules out most ammo…correct me if I’m wrong…I’d like to be wrong so I can buy one.


SC38 .38/.44 version
Pistol Calibers at a minimum distance of 30 yards

I don’t know very many people who regularly target shoot pistols at distances starting at 30 yards. Most people shoot pistols at much closer ranges than this target would allow.


FMJ and Jacketed hollow points would be no go’s.

As for ruling out most ammo, it depends what caliber you plan on shooting.

[]Nearly all .22LR will work, I’ve never seen a jacketed .22. Even the rounds that look like they are jacketed are just copper washed.
]I’ve never shot .17HMR. I assume straight lead bullets exist, but can’t say for sure.
[]Nearly every pistol caliber can be found with ordiary lead bullets, with revolver ammo being the easiest to find.
]Centerfire rifle ammo is a differnet beast so you may have to do some homework. Straight lead bullets may be hard to find unless you reload. Jacketed soft points can be found easier in some calibers, but I don’t know if those are ok to use.

To be fair, metal spinning targets are meant for plinking. And apart from AR-15s and the like, very little plinking is done with centerfire rifles. Its too dang expensive.


I bought the camo camera but I can’t find it after testing it.


FMJ would probably go right through. I’ve seen a .30-30 go through the same plate that a .38 was pinging. .38 wad cutters no hole. .30-30 semi jacketed, a clean hole.


Where are the archery targets and skeet throwers? No love for shotgunners or oldschoolers. I guess you could sling a rock still, so not that old.


Hunting also is a kind of outdoor activity, but I don’t like it. Another activity is optional.


So…the camo is working as intended?


Do they have a target with a woot monkey that spins/ flies